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Adaptive Mag Carrier - 9/40

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*This is the 9/40 version.

Our Adaptive Mag Carrier is our answer to the problem we see of having to purchase separate mag carriers for IWB and OWB use. These mag carriers are designed from the ground-up to be one carrier to perform both EDC and duty/tactical tasks. The AMC comes with provisions for attaching a DCC Monoblock for IWB use and a Blade-Tech Tek-Lok® for OWB use on two-piece MOLLE belts. The AMC also allows for 45 degrees of cant to either side, and adjustable retention through a Mag Retention Device (MRD), located on the side of the carrier.

  • Use in IWB and OWB.
  • Includes (1) DCC Monoblock for IWB and (1) Blade-Tech Tek-Lok® for OWB.
  • 45 degrees of canting.
  • Adjustable retention to accommodate most double-stack 9/40 mags.

*This Mag Carrier is designed for double-stack 9/40 magazines of similar size to most Glock and Sig double-stack 9/40 mags as well as others.

Color: Black