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Flavors of the World Gift Set

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Made with our hand-crafted spice blends, our Flavors of the World gift set takes you on culinary journey through 4 countries and continents.

The Flavors of the World gift set includes our:

  • Our Paella Spice Blend brings you to the European coastline of Spain: the dominant flavor is the smokey paprika while the saffron adds floral notes and an edgy quality.
  • Our Ethiopian Berbere brings you to the North African country of Ethiopia: the flavor is spicy, peppery, and mildly sweet.
  • The Kabul Piquant Chicken is fruity, zesty, citrusy and particularly interesting for sweet dishes. This unique mix of ingredients makes it a versatile spice for everything from desserts to entrees.
  • Our Afghan Curry Braise brings you to the Middle Eastern country of Afghanistan: the flavor is earthy and rustic with a curry-like quality.

All of our spices and seasonings are salt-free and packaged by hand to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Packaged in glass - BPA free.