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Green Line Lieutenant (6” x 14”)

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$95.00 - $109.95
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Limited edition wooden bourbon barrel American flag dedicated to show support for Federal Agents such as Border Patrol, Park Rangers, Game Wardens and Conservation Personnel

• Hand-crafted by US Veterans • Made from bourbon barrels • Polyurethane finishing coat • Veteran owned and operated
• Made in the USA
• Outdoor protective coating (+$5)
• Display easel available (+$9.95) • Dimensions: 6" x 14"


The Green Line Lieutenant is hand-crafted by American veterans to not only show American pride, but to show thankfulness for brave federal agents. In the creation process, every other bourbon barrel stave is flipped, showing the charred inside of the barrel to create the stripes with the addition of the green stripe for this limited-edition flag. This flag is the perfect size for a table top or small wall decor.