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1/2 lb BAG “MOD” Artisan Hot Cocoa

Health Benefits of Cacao

There's a reason why cacao is called "the food of the gods". A superfood full of anti-oxidants, calcium, zinc, and the highest source of magnesium in nature. An all natural mood enhancer, inflation reducer, and even a pre-workout.


We source quality cacao beans from the finest micro farms in Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Cameroon, and Mexico. We have personal relationships with farmers, which we have built for over 20 years in the business.


We roast the cacao beans with diligence and precision. We use everything we have learned in the past 25 years of roasting coffee. We carefully roast the cacao to bring out certain flavor notes that translate to amazing tasting chocolate. 


Our "oompa-loompas" spend days creating one batch of chocolate. We melange our chocolate for 24 hours minimum, resulting in a velvety rich consistency.