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Organic Bar Soap Saver

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Soap savers are a wonderful addition to your soap! People come back for more of these all the time because they are so amazing. They keep your soap dry and you can rinse them off with hot water. Not only does it help to your soap last longer, but it keeps your shower and sink clean as well. These come in a variety of colors. When it is time to clean them, rinse off in running water or throw it in the top of your dishwasher rack.



Our soaps are handmade just for you. We use ORGANIC ingredients in our cold processed soaps, which are great for your skin. The organic olive oil and organic coconut oil that we use are cold pressed which means maximum quality for you. Our olive, coconut and shea butter are also unrefined.  We wanted to make our soap as PURE as possible while making it affordable. Your skin will be ultra moisturized as well. The extra moisture may take some getting used to because of all of our recent handwashing.  

Our company began from a STEM Project that was a Christmas gift to our 8 year old daughter. The family was intrigued with the soap making process and little by little our creativity and thirst for more knowledge about the process grew. Making soap turned into great lessons in executive processing and was a lot of fun! We wanted to BLESS others with this new skill that we learned and the idea was born to start our business.

There are 3 girls in our family and at one time or another they have all sported the chic pigtail look. Our logo represents our 3 little girls.

Disclaimer – The products sold on our website are not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any diseases.