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$349.99 - $409.99
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SSG Specs:

  • 8” OAL
  • 3.75” Blade
  • 3/16” Thick 
  • CPM3V Carbon Super Tool Steel 
  • Professional Heat Treat & Cryo by Peters Heat Treat 
  • Removable & Interchangeable Scales
  • Steel Chainring Bolt Hardware
  • Select Kydex or Leather (Kydex Included)

SSG Details:
The SSG was designed to be the primary EDC Blade for Shaffer Security Group. Comprised of former Tier One operators who specialize in security consulting, risk management & tactical training, these men needed a weapon they could trust alongside their firearms.

The SSG features a noticeably large blade given its size, the finger guard moves towards and then recurves back away from the blade allowing for additional blade length in a compact and concealable size.

This Gen2 features and even lighter weight 3/16” thick steel over the Gen1 .300” thick and added weight reduction skeletonizing in the handle to create unmatched weightlessness. We accomplished all of this without sacrificing the durability that gives the SSG its power packed and easily carried size.

If you want a fixed blade, which eliminates the opportunity for failure, that is easily concealed, Made in The USA and will kick ass when you need it the most. The SSG is the blade you need.

The Owner/Founder/CEO Greg Shaffer OG Shaffer Security Group (SSG) is the proud owner of the first ever produced SSG. He’s told me on many occasions it’s the perfect knife. I’ve offered to install new handles, give it a spa treatment and a new sheath and each time Greg has not let me take it away from him. Greg stated "It is the finest blade I have ever carried and is perfectly sized. It is compact for good concealment, large enough to inflict serious damage, and its edge is razor sharp."

Greg is the best-selling author of "Stay Safe - Security Secrets for Today's Dangerous World" where he provides principles to help you react in the midst of chaos or a critical incident. He teaches "Survival is a Mindset, Not a Skill-set" and good situational awareness is essential in recognizing potential violent encounters before they happen.

I can go on and on about his qualifications and experiences as well as the men on his security company team, but you can follow them on Instagram at @shaffersecuritygroup, Twitter @ShafferGroup, Linked In @Shaffer Security Group, or on their website:

Check them out to keep abreast of their operations and see why SSG is recognized worldwide as a leader in security consulting, executive protection, special event security planning, active shooter training, and tactical firearms training.